Mother’s Day Group Run

Today is a very important day; Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom
and to all the Mom’s out there (trust me when I say that the world would fall
apart without you). Apparently I’m not the only person that is absolutely
bamboozled by the weather. Holy crap, it’s May and it has been sunny, rainy,
windy, overcast and it’s snowed (and that was before 10am).  It was a late night for me as I visited Baden
to hang out with some awesome peeps (@hoodieruns, @Leslie_Morton, @Ed_Markwards
and @C_R_Morton).

Even with all the silliness that occurred, we were out
running in the 2 degree weather. Running, outside in the cold on a 5.50KM run
(which I ran the whole way… longest distance I’ve ever covered without
stopping). The Morton’s set the pace and led us around on the nice scenic (but
brisk) run and thanks to @hoodieruns for hanging with me and keeping me moving.
It was my first group run and I actually had a really good time (this running
thing is really growing on me).

My Garmin says that we went for 40m46s, covered 5.50Km (including
elevation changes totaling 27m). My heart rate was 149BPM and I maxed at 162BPM.
I was also wearing my footpod and it was feeding me foot strikes which worked out
to an average of 78SPM (I’m shooting to get 100SPM). We finished off today’s
effort with a 50m (ish) sprint from just before we made the turn onto our
street to their driveway. @hoodieruns tried to reel me in, but I think I may
have edged her at the line (I did have the jump on her to start and she was
making up ground quickly).

Make sure to give your Mom a kiss today and tell her how
much you appreciate her.


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