The Wheels on the Beez..

It’s been a tough couple of days physically for your
Friendly Neighborhood Brnz as I’ve been struggling with some low back pain and
locked ankles (for the first time since December… GRRRR). Not sure what
triggered the swelling and joint lock, but it can go on its merry way any
friggin time now. In order to expedite this process it was a visit with Dr(s)
Spin and Dimitri last night.  They both
went to town on the ankles and the rest of my non-flexible form.  Let’s hope that clears this up.

I had been hoping to hop on the bike last night after the
adjustment, but my body wasn’t up to it and I was doing my best impersonation
of a master chef. I spent the evening making stew and meatloaf to make sure I stay
on plan for the rest of the week.  That
said, this morning instead of lounging around I got my rear out of bed and on
the bike. It wasn’t a crazy session, but every time I get back in the saddle
the better I feel about the upcoming Ride for Heart and the strength (and
endurance) I’ve been getting @CrossFitCanuck.

29m19s pounding the pedals today covering 15.04KM.  Today’s focus was working the tension (to
simulate some small hills) while keeping a steady cadence. I averaged 87RPM,
but had trouble getting my heart rate in to the 140-150BPM range.  I averaged 128BPM and maxed around 135BPM. My
legs felt like lead for the first 10 minutes, but it got better the longer I went.

CrossFit tonight and hopefully on the bike a couple more


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