P90X Day 9 (Timeline +6)

Who gets to eat cake? I DO!!!!!

That’s right folks the day of my birth is once more upon us and I am still here to smile about it. It was a very good birthday weekend with a minimum of unhealthy food and maximum of vodka. Big thanks to everyone who was able to come down and help me celebrate my 35th. It’s amazing when you have a chance to spend time like that with your friends.

Ok, sappy section done… Almost.

Also a big shout to the folks from the FAST team at work who provided cake this afternoon. March 21 is a big birthday day apparently so big ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes to Jenn, Jenn, Maya, Liana and all the rest of celebrate today!

So guess what I got to do when I got home? That’s right, I came home and did P90X Day 9… Plyometrics. The hardest P90X workout because it is high impact, even the low impact parts of it. After the craziness that was last week it was tough to get the workouts in even though there were doubles on Monday and Tuesday. My body was protesting for the latter half of the week and my ankles were downright screaming today. Now this may also have something to do with my STUPIDITY. Friday I was moving a 1000 pound printer by hand instead of using a cart and tweaked my back. Sadly it did not get better.

So the goal will be to spin tomorrow morning and get the timeline back on course. As I write this my right ankle is screaming!!! I hope that we are not having a setback. I have a session with Dr. Spin next Monday, hopefully he can straighten it out.


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