The Master of Knives

Now it has been said that I have a penchant for the dramatic. Maybe. I did always excel in drama classes in school. Still, I’m not being dramatic at all about having to say goodbye to the Wizard (@ianmurray2) who has left @Core_Muscle_Activation to go home and take care of some ailing family members.  Over the years he has fixed my many ailments and got me moving properly. He was key in the lead up to the Chicago Marathon, repairing the damage from Neurogenic Shock and making sure I could still Run. It still boggles my mind how MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) works and how it can be so successful, but I am grateful it is… Thanks Mr. Wizard, we will miss you!

So now what do I do?

These things need to be registered as weapons…

Well here’s where the ‘Master of Knives’ comes in. I needed help because I could feel myself shifting out of balance. Taking a recommendation from @mikekeilhauer I went to see another MAT at Core. Enter Ken and those knives he has for fingers (Pictured above)! OMG! I don’t know if there has every been that much heavy breathing and cursing in a single session.  At one point it felt like he was trying to reach through my body to try and reach my soul for an activation… Geez… I was tender for a while, but he proved just as effective as the Wizard and he got me everything moving again. Ken unstuck my ankle, got my leg turning inward and reduced all of this stress on my hip. Oi! 

He gave me a plethora of exercises to strengthen the core and the outer leg. He also got me back on the Abduction/Adduction machine at the gym for some accessory work.  I got lots of homework to try and keep things on and pointed in the right direction. 


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